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Oversized Haulage company UK

In addition to complex logistics processes, like Oversized Haulage company UK we cannot forget about numerous formalities. The transport of oversized loads will be additionally difficult when it crosses the borders of other countries. In such a case, please remember that dimensions permits from Oversized Haulage company UK are issued by the authorities competent for the country through which such transport is to take place.

Category II includes permits for low-speed vehicles, agricultural tractors, excavators and other agricultural and construction equipment, the permit is issued by the starosta. Categories III to VI are issued by the starosta, the Head of the Customs Office and GDDKiA for a longer period, and do not indicate the exact number of journeys, vehicle parameters and routes, but determine the maximum value of the vehicle and its load. Category VII concerns oversized vehicles that exceed the parameters given in the previous categories; the permit is issued by Oversized Haulage company UK. The permit is obtained upon application accompanied by appropriate documents, and its cost is determined individually, taking into account the length of the route and the parameters exceeded. Please also remember that international non-standard transport from UK requires a permit issued by the country through which the cargo is to be transported.


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