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Oversized haulage company – what is this?

When do we organize oversized haulage company, transport, and when do we organize standard transport?
It turns out that the answer to this question is not easy for many, and there are many misleading legends and theories around the topic.

Customers who visit us often think that each machine and each large equipment is an oversized haulage company load. It is not so! You have to start with the fact that not every machine, structure or specialist goods exceeds the standards and will require the organization of oversized haulage company, and not every machine will be classified as oversized cargo.

Of course, such loads definitely require an individual approach and consideration of all parameters of the goods. In accordance with applicable regulations, we organize oversized transport from UK when the permissible parameters of cargo transport in road transport are exceeded. And it is precisely these acceptable parameters of goods that are the key to choosing the right trailer and carrier, and an inexperienced logistician or forwarder may unfortunately cause additional costs.

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